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Emergency Funds


Emergency aid at the University of Kansas is intended to be a one-time grant, up to $500 or less, to assist students who are experiencing a small, unforeseen expense. The intention of this funding is to provide a student with access to funds to help them overcome a small financial emergency that impacts student success. Emergency aid is intended to be a last resort option after other financial options have been exhausted.

Current Emergency Grant Applications that are open:

Spencer Duncan Make It Count & Military-Affiliated Student Emergency Funds

Other Emergency Aid funds for Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 have been exhausted. The general Emergency Grant Application has closed for the 2020-2021 academic year and will re-open in Fall 2021. More information will be provided here once the application re-opens. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore campus and community resources listed at

If you have questions or concerns about your application, resources listed on this website, or need guidance, please contact

An unforeseen emergency/crisis is defined as, but not limited to:
  • Victim of crime or accident; victim of natural disaster
  • Unforeseen transportation/personal expenses (emergency for funeral travel, etc.)
  • Small, unexpected/unforeseen bills that are not recurring/ongoing
  • Food insecurity/consistent lack of access to food
  • Displacement/homelessness/eviction
Expenses/situations that are not considered for emergency aid:
  • Recurring, ongoing, or expected expenses such as rent, utilities, tuition bills, car payments, insurance payments, etc
    • These types of expenses will only be considered on a case by case basis if there is a truly unexpected situation or expense that has caused you to not be able to pay for your basic needs
  • Tuition/fees/KU expenses - Emergency aid is not intended to be awarded as a scholarship for future/expected tuition expenses. If you are looking for financial aid options for your  tuition expenses, please discuss your options with the Financial Aid & Scholarships office by calling 785-864-4700.
  • Reimbursement of paid tuition, fees, housing or other expenses that have already been paid
  • Payment of student loans/educational loans
  • Payment of personal debt/credit card debt not related to an emergency
  • Routine/expected medical expenses
  • Conference travel, study abroad expenses, or application fees
  • Pet expenses; expenses incurred by someone who is not the student that is applying for aid
  • Legal/court fees
  • Lack of budgeting/planning for expected expenses is not generally a stand-alone reason for approval of funding

Emergency Aid Network Funds

The following is a list of the various funds that participate in the Emergency Aid Network. Students can apply for these funds by filling out the Emergency Grant Application.

Adams/Monroe Funds - Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

This fund has been depleted.

The Adams/Monroe Fund is for students who are experiencing financial hardship - usually an emergency situation or some type of unplanned, non-discretionary expense. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible.

Dreammaker Fund - Student Involvement & Leadership Center

This fund has been depleted.

The Dreammaker Fund is for students with a short-term, financial need. Many KU students encounter challenging times in their personal lives during college. The Dreammaker Fund attempts to make those challenging times a little easier by assisting with a piece of the financial burden on students with a one time fund.

Students can only receive this fund once per academic year.
Graduate Student Emergency Fund - Graduate Studies

This fund has been depleted.

The Office of Graduate Studies established a Graduate Student Emergency Fund to provide financial assistance to students who have immediate, unexpected expenses due to circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

International Student Emergency Fund - International Support Services

This fund has been depleted.

International Affairs has established the International Student Emergency Fund for international students who do not have other financial resources and have an unexpected financial need. This is a one-time award, meaning international students can only receive this fund once in their academic career at KU.

Jayhawk Student Support Fund - Student Support & Case Management

This fund has been depleted.

The Jayhawk Student Support Fund is available to undergraduate and graduate students who have encountered an unexpected financial obstacle that may be hindering their personal or academic success at KU. 

Students can only receive this fund once per academic year.
Ronald & Pat McClain Good Samaritan Fund - Student Affairs

This fund has been depleted.

The Student Affairs Emergency Fund exists to provide financial assistance to students who have an immediate, unexpected expense due to circumstances beyond their control. The unexpected expense can be of an emergency or unplanned non-discretionary expense. 

Students can only receive this fund once per academic year.
KU Women 4 Women Fund - Emily Taylor Center
This fund has been depleted.

Many students often need a little support to get beyond an obstacle in their path. Women Philanthropists for KU has created the KU Women 4 KU Women Fund to assist students to fulfill their educational and career goals. This fund provides one-time assistance for currently enrolled full-time KU senior or graduate women students on the Lawrence campus. 

Students can only receive this fund once in their academic career.

The Spencer Duncan Make It Count Foundation - Military-Affiliated Student Center
This fund is restricted to active duty, guard, reservists and veterans in the Armed Forces. There is also funding allocated for dependents/spouses of military members.
Student Affairs Food for Jayhawks Food Assistance Dining Plan
This fund has been depleted.

The Food for Jayhawks Food Assistance Dining Plan, funds held through Kansas University Endowment Association (KUEA), exists to provide meals to students experiencing temporary or ongoing food insecurity. Once approved, the student is provided with a $425 KU Dining Plan, which is $425 in Dining dollars that can be used at any KU Dining Services location. Information about a student might be shared with Financial Aid to determine eligibility for the dining plan. The dining plan is not considered a loan and does not require repayment. Processing a dining plan will take 48-72 hours.


Other Emergency Aid Options

The following is a list of other emergency aid options available to KU students.

Interpersonal Violence Fund - CARE Coordinator, Watkins Health Center

The Interpersonal Violence Fund provides financial assistance to students who have been impacted by sexual assault, violence and harassment, stalking, and/or intimate partner/dating violence. 

Awards from this fund are $800 or less.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be currently enrolled at KU and experiencing a temporary financial hardship due to an act of interpersonal violence.

Expenses Covered/Not Covered

Typical expenses covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety-related needs (changing locks, housing relocation, etc.)
  • Acute and post assault medical care
  • Mental health treatment
  • Bedding/clothing replacement

Expenses not typically covered:

  • Tuition
  • KU housing expenses

How to Apply

  • Contact the CARE Coordinator at Watkins Health Services to discuss your situation. The CARE Coordinator is a confidential resource for students who have been impacted by any form of interpersonal violence.

Contact Information for the CARE Coordinator

Phone: 785-864-9255   Email:

KU Endowment Association Loan Program - KU Endowment Loan Office

The KU Endowment Association Loan Office provides long-term loans, as well as short-term and emergency loans to KU students. Students can use these loans to cover a variety of different expenses.

Eligibility Requirements

Exceptions to these requirements are made on a case by case basis and must be discussed with the KU Endowment Loan office.

  • Must be a current, degree-seeking student enrolled at least half-time
  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative KU GPA
  • Have a cosigner on the loan - not applicable to independent or non-traditional students

How to Apply

Contact Information for KU Endowment Loan Office

Phone: 785-832-7450   Email:

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