Browse this list of campus and community resources that can help you access free or low-cost medical/healthcare and dental care, as well as access/disability services.

KU Campus Resources

  • Accessible KU

    The Accessible KU website is maintained by KU's ADA Resource Center and the Student Access Center (SAC). The website provides information on campus and community resources for students, faculty, staff, and visitors that can assist with educational accommodations, housing accommodations, parking accommodations, dietary needs, employment accommodations, and more.

  • Student Access Center (SAC)

    The mission of the Student Access Center (SAC) is to help students have full and equal access to all facilities, classes, events and activities at the University; engage in active and collaborative learning; and attain their academic and personal goals. SAC coordinates accommodations for all students who may need them - including disabilities that are physical, medical, sensory, psychological, or related to attention or learning.

  • Watkins Health Services

    The Watkins Health Center provides quality, affordable healthcare services. An initial visit for consultation is free and has no co-pay - however, any labs, medications, tests, procedures, or extensive exams performed have charges associated with them. Students receive a reduced rate for those charges that is often below the local market.

Community Resources

  • Heartland Community Health Center

    The Heartland Community Health Center provides quality, accessible medical, dental, behavioral and psychiatric services to the Lawrence community and surrounding area. They accept all patients, regardless of income or insurance, and offer sliding scale fees based on income.

  • Lawrence Memorial Hospital Financial Assistance

    Patients of Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) have the opportunity to contact LMH regarding financial assistance for their accounts/medical bills. Financial Assistance may include charity care, payment arrangements/payment plans, medical assistance, or other programs. This resource is only for LMH patients.

  • Patient Advocate Foundation

    This foundation has a co-pay relief program, as well as applications for financial aid for medical expenses. Students who are patients or survivors can also apply for scholarships through the foundation.

  • The University of Kansas Health System Financial Assistance

    Patients who meet certain eligibility criteria could be eligible for financial assistance through the University of Kansas Health System for their medical bills/care. More information on the financial assistance program is located here. Patients should contact the University of Kansas Health System for more information on the application process.