Browse this list of community resources that can help you access free or low-cost services for your pets.

Community Resources

  • Lawrence Humane Society

    The Lawrence Humane Society (LHS) is committed to nurturing the human-animal bond by providing shelter, care, advocacy, and resources for the people and pets in the community. LHS provides low-cost microchipping, and spay/neuter services. They also have the Crisis Pet Retention Fund (CPR Fund) to provide short-term resources to pet owners experiencing poverty, homelessness, job loss, or other issues to assist in avoiding the surrender of a pet. Resources can include funding, supplies, emergency veterinary care, temporary boarding, and more. If necessary, LHS also takes appointments for pet surrender.

  • The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

    The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City (HSGKC) provides various resources for individuals in need with pets. HSGKC provides the affordable care clinic for veterinary services. They also provide a pet food pantry and a Charity Care Fund.