Get Involved

Individuals and groups can get involved in the KU Emergency Aid Network efforts in various ways:

Join The Network

If an office, unit, department, or school has raised or been given funds or other resources to use towards KU student emergency financial needs, they are welcome to become a participating member in the Emergency Aid Network. 

Participation in the Emergency Aid Network (EAN) can include attending EAN meetings each semester, engaging in ongoing working groups for new EAN initiatives, or participating in the Emergency Fund Managers group that oversees the online emergency aid application, as well as the emergency aid resources listed on this website.

If you are a campus partner that provides financial or emergency resources to KU students, and would like to participate in the EAN, please email us at

We welcome individuals and organizations to submit information to the Emergency Aid Network about additional campus and community resources that are available to students experiencing financial obstacles. Relevant resources will be reviewed and added to this website. In order to submit information, please email the following information to

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • The title that should be listed for the resource
  • A short description of the resource
  • The website where more information and about the resource and contact info can be located

Individuals and groups have the option to contribute to existing emergency funds on campus through donations, or create a new emergency fund with KU Endowment. You can find a list of existing emergency aid funds on our Emergency Funds page.

To make a gift to support a specific unit at KU, navigate to the KU endowment donation website and specify your desired area of support.

We encourage individuals and groups to consider donating to an existing emergency fund if they are wanting to contribute to the emergency aid efforts across the KU campus. However, if you are considering setting up a new emergency fund, you can find information on how to set up endowed funds at

Endowed Funds Informational Page

Guiding Research

The Emergency Aid Network (EAN) was created based on a variety of research and guidance available in the field of higher education. Below you will find a handful of the resources referenced in the creation of the EAN at KU, and the tools and guiding documents that are being used as we move forward in furthering our supports for students.

NASPA Landscape Analysis of Emergency Aid Programs

NASPA Emergency Aid Rubric

Student ARC Website