Browse this list of campus and community resources that can help you access low-cost textbooks, as well as tutoring services.

KU Campus Resources

  • Academic Learning Center (ALC)

    The Academic Learning Center (ALC) provides supplemental instruction, tutoring services, and academic consultations.

  • ALC Tutoring Services

    ALC Tutoring Services offers free Small Group Tutoring and Individual Tutoring for KU students.

  • ‚Äč KU Bookstore

    The KU Bookstore provides students with options to purchase new, used or online textbooks. The bookstore also provides a price comparison tool so students can find the best price for their textbooks. Students can also rent textbooks to significantly reduce costs.

  • KU Writing Center

    The KU Writing Center provides free writing consultations to students in-person and online. You can make an appointment with the writing center online.

  • Student Access Center (SAC)

    The mission of the Student Access Center (SAC) is to help students have full and equal access to all facilities, classes, events and activities at the University; engage in active and collaborative learning; and attain their academic and personal goals. SAC coordinates accommodations for all students who may need them - including disabilities that are physical, medical, sensory, psychological, or related to attention or learning.

  • Technology Supplies

    See the Technology resource page to find information on computer resources and software available to students for free/at reduced costs.

  • Textbook Expenses

    Consider enrolling in low cost/no cost textbook courses. You can find more information on how to identify low cost/no cost textbook courses at marking.ku.edu.